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What is Alchemy?

Alchemy is the forerunner to the modern sciences of chemistry and medicine. It is associated with the ability to transmute base metals into more noble metals like gold and silver. It is also linked to the notion of a life-prolonging elixir that confers youth and which is also a universal cure for disease. As a result, these days it is usually associated with magic, mysticism, mythology and spirituality.

When applied to human nature, alchemy is the process of inner personal transmutation that translates into outer transformation. Like the chrysalis that transforms into a butterfly after a period of inner preparation, the human soul can be transformed into a more noble state.

This results in increased self-awareness, a more open heart and the raising of personal consciousness which, in turn, causes the vibrational frequency at which you operate to elevate. Your outer interests and personal relationships change in response and you become more likely to seek deeper heart-centred connections with the people around you and more meaning in your daily life endeavours.

This process of alchemy is in action every day of your life whether you are aware of it or not. When we become aware of it, we can take steps to fast track our awakening awareness by engaging in the dance that life offers us. When we are unaware, we usually remain stuck and stagnant, and our potential to grow and develop lies dormant.

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