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Resistance and Flow

There are really only two states of 'being': being in resistance or being in the 'flow'. When you are in the flow of life everything runs smoothly, the right people cross your path at exactly the right time with the specific piece of information you needed at that moment. Your day pans out beautifully with things you might have scheduled in and didn't work out are replaced by another event with a better outcome.

When you are in resistance to this flow and want things to go the way you have meticulously planned them, you get cranky when they don't. You might even throw a tantrum when none of your plans work out and throw your hands to the heavens and ask earnestly 'Why?' The answer might surprise you. The other event with the better outcome that life wants to bring to you can't get in there. You have no room for it and you wouldn't even recognise it as a better option if it stood right in front of you.

So, the moral of the story is, simply stop resisting and learn to go with the flow ... !

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