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The Gene Codes Elixirs

The Gene Codes Elixirs are a suite of remarkable tinctures of liquid consciousness gifted to Moira Mac over a five-year period of accelerated awakening. Each elixir is alchemically charged and encoded to empower the cleansing, alignment and upgrade of the spiritual anatomy that encompasses and encourages the health and wellbeing of the physical body on all levels.

They provide a unique soul-centred system with often dynamic results, which is simple and gentle, yet thoroughly practical in its application. Because each elixir contains the information that promotes the transmutation of genetically held cellular encoding, they also support a process of accelerated personal growth.

Consistent use of the elixirs initiates a process of inner alchemy which encourages the release of deep-seated blockages at a cellular level, helping to restore balance and promote outer harmony in your relationships and in the conditions in your life.

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