About Moira Mac ...

Moira Mac was born and raised on the east coast of Scotland and has spent her adulthood on the east coast of Australia, the land of the Dreamtime. This mystical mixture sparked a profound inner journey of epigenetic proportions.

Moira can be described as an empath, a mystic, an author and alchemist. With a professional background in adult education and an aptitude for the healing arts, she has been a Reiki Master in the tradition of Usui Shiki Ryoho for more than two decades and is a member of Reiki Australia.

Prepared by years of esoteric work, she was guided to create the remarkable GENE CODES system of vibrational elixirs and write her book SOUL WHISPERS: HEALING THE FAMILY TREE over a five-year period of accelerated awakening. During a series of deep meditations and confirmational life experiences it was revealed to Moira how the effects of the experiences of her ancestors were expressing themselves in every aspect of her life. She began to understand how these ancestral experiences were encoded in her DNA and imprinted in her cellular memory and thus impacted her health, relationships, creativity and life conditions. Through the gift of The Gene Codes Moira learned to harmonise the effects of deep intergenerational woundings and to access the creative gifts lying dormant in her DNA. The Gene Codes are the culmination of this work. They have been designed to energetically activate the process of 'decrypting' the 'emotional baggage' from generations past, harmonising their effects and activating dormant potentials.

Moira is inspired to share her story and wisdom through her books, The Gene Codes Elixirs and online programs.